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what is a gluebook?

a gluebook is like a journal, except instead of writing in it, you just glue things in it - kind of like a collage book. i learned about it from this page - don't forget to check out her gallerys and how-to articles for more art ideas!

i love it because it's easy. with a lot of my art projects i do a lot of planning and plotting to make it just right, but with my gluebook i just glue whatever i can find wherever on the pages. i do a page a day, sometimes more. it's like i'm glueing pieces of my life in a notebook.

this community is for everything gluebook. post pictures of your gluebook, ideas of things to put in gluebooks, links, anything! if we get enough members maybe we could do an exchange where we send each other random things through the mail to glue in our books.

the rules (of course, there are always rules)

1) absolutely no promoting other communities without my permission. if you know of or are running an art-related community either email me or post a comment in my journal asking permission to promote it and i'll probably say it's okay. if you want to promote a ratings community or anything that has absolutely nothing to do with art, i will decline your request. anyone who posts a promotion without my permission will have the post deleted. if you should do it again, you're banned.

2) all pictures must be behind an lj-cut. don't know how to do one? click here.

3) this is the most important rule - please be nice to one another.

mods = deaddoloreshaze and freakin_sweet