nancy lili g. (monstersflash) wrote in gluebooks,
nancy lili g.

hey, i'm brand new! i noticed this place is rarely updated so, even though i've been a member for a full two minutes, i decided i'd activate the place a bit.  i am also a member of a bunch of other journal communities, and i've never been totally ~accepted~ in those because most of my journals are cut and paste. but that just means that i'm even more appropriate for this community! so heres a bunch of my favorite older cut+paste entries. hope you like! <3

i'm not sure if this is allowed, but i just quickly also wanted to link you guys to my [rarely updated] blog, just in case you're interested in seeing more.

<3 thanks for looking! i hope you guys can update, too.
i'd love to see more action in this place =]
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