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Hello I'm new

Hi all --

I found this comm when someone asked me for gluebook examples for a swap I am running (it's a swap for gluebooks on swap-bot, but I won't post a link due to the non-promoting rule; don't wish to offend). This is my 2nd gluebook swap and the first was all about your partner and this one is all about our own daily lives. I have been scrapbooking for 7 years so I am used to cutting and gluing...but I love gluebooks bc they are so different from scrapbooking! Yet I get to get my glue and paste jolies. After I've done a few gluebook pages I feel more ready to tackle scrapbooking. SO low stress.

Here are a few pages I made for the first swap -- these pages were all related to the partner I had.


Partner's name was Lulu.


Besides for the sticker letters I also glued on some page jewels and stapled on some ribbon and inked the cover. Not really much about gluebooking on here.

First page

Lulu said she really liked flowers, especially roses. Upper right has some flat page bling.


Pages 2-3

Stars in upper right are Jolee's. Paper on lower left from a shopping bag -- more flowers.


Pages 4-5

Rose paper is from my scrapbooking stash but I can't recall the brand offhand. It was leftover from a wedding albumn I'd made.


Looking forward to enjoying everyone's pages and getting some great ideas.
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