Heather (purpleheather) wrote in gluebooks,

Hello & First Page


I started my first gluebook last night, and just found this community. I'm also bucking the trend by being the first member who is not on deaddoloreshaze's friends list and whose name doesn't begin with a C!

Anyway, on to the glueing:

Five Percent Fat GB Page 1 11-06-06

In case you can't read it, the small words at the top right of the page say:

* body image
* in an ideal world
* anti-cosmetic surgery
* lumps, bumps and other 'unsightly' features
* Extreme Makeover
* a healthy diet
* this burden

Thoughts, comments, critiques all appreciated!

A few of the people on my friendslist saw my page and are interested in making their own gluebooks, so I'll promote this community over on my journal, if that is OK!

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