the anne witch (deaddoloreshaze) wrote in gluebooks,
the anne witch

ideas for things to glue in your gluebook

if anyone else has any suggestions please leave them in the comments! i'll add your ideas to the list and then delete the comment so that we'll have one great big list. if you want, i'll put your name next to your idea. i'm adding this entry to the memories so that people can find it easily for ideas.

* newspaper/magazine headlines, articles, pictures, comic strips
* scratch tickets you didn't win on
* movie stubs, ticket stubs, pay stubs
* reciepts, lists (grocery lists, to-do lists, etc)
* pictures from old calendars
* birthday cards, christmas cards, trading cards, business cards, playing cards
* dried or fake flowers or leaves
* junk mail
* fortune cookie fortunes
* empty cigarette packs, gum packs, candy wrappers
* matchbooks
* ribbon, lace, yarn, felt, random material
* stickers
* stamps cut from envelopes
* photographs, pictures
* paper placemats
* price tags
* bandaids
* monoply money
* puzzle pieces
* plastic bread-tags, you know, those things you twist around the top of the bag to ensure the bread stays fresh
* fast food menus
* sheet music
* membership cards (like video cards, library cards, expired gift cards)
* candy wrappers
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