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picture post

i dug out my crappy digi-cam and took some pictures of my gluebook so's you can all see what it looks like. do keep in mind, however, that my crappy digi-cam is extremely crappy (30$ at zellers) (for you americans, zellers is kind of like wal-mart juniour). i started it three days ago and i have three pages so far.

page one

i took 20 pictures of this page and this one turned out the best

this is the first page i did. i just took stuff off my desk and glued it in.

i'll describe it a bit as it's kind of fuzzy. i glued part of a paper placemat from a restaurant that my friends and i drew all over. that purple star-thing at the lower left corner is part of a modular origami star i was making. in the lower right corner is a regular origami star. that pink line beneath them is just a pink line of cardboard.

at the top left-hand corner is the postage from a package i recently recieved and a tear-off number on a telephone pole advertisement. at the top right hand corner is part of a bandaid that says "caution: the packaging of this product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions".

at the right-hand side is a fortune cookie fortune which reads "vous n'etes jamais amer, trompeur ou mesquin" (french for "you are never deceptive, bitter or petty"), and that spiral thing is a bandaid i've had for the past five years. i just opened it that day because it was pretty. this is the bandaid the caution label came from.

pages two and three

i don't know why this picture turned out so well

the left page: i glued blue tissue paper on the page, cut up a christmas card into squares, and glued the whole thing back together. the caption below is one i got from the newspaper - "mexico was full of surprises". i like it because the caption doesn't fit at all with the picture.

the right page: i looked inside a box of stuff i haven't looked through in years and glued some of it on this page.

at the top is a cigarette pack i've had for 5 years. below it, on the far left side, is part of a magazine article. i blocked out some of the words to make a poem out of it. i put a tamagotchi sticker on it.

then in the middle we have a picture of two martini glasses, one says "thursday" and one says "friday". beneath that is a picture of a nose and mouth, and beneath that is a headline i altered from a magazine: "witchcraft: has always been your guarantee of longer, stronger snails".

to the far right side is my ticket stub from the movie "From Hell" which i saw on november 4 2001 (i only know the date because the ticket tells me so.)

oh, and that red thing beneath the book? that's my new tamagotchi.

and that's all i have now. i'll do a few more pages tonight, i think, because i'm going to stay in. once again i'm sorry for the poor quality of these pictures!

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