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hey, i'm brand new! i noticed this place is rarely updated so, even though i've been a member for a full two minutes, i decided i'd activate the place a bit.  i am also a member of a bunch of other journal communities, and i've never been totally ~accepted~ in those because most of my journals are cut and paste. but that just means that i'm even more appropriate for this community! so heres a bunch of my favorite older cut+paste entries. hope you like! <3

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<3 thanks for looking! i hope you guys can update, too.
i'd love to see more action in this place =]

Amazed....A Newbie here

Wow. I found this community while doing a search on "mixed media art" and the name caught my eye. Gluebooks sound very interesting; I have never heard of such a thing. I've been looking around at the most recent and I love what everyone has done! I love doing collages and scrapbooking, so this is right up my alley. I can't wait to get started! =D


Hello I'm new

Hi all --

I found this comm when someone asked me for gluebook examples for a swap I am running (it's a swap for gluebooks on swap-bot, but I won't post a link due to the non-promoting rule; don't wish to offend). This is my 2nd gluebook swap and the first was all about your partner and this one is all about our own daily lives. I have been scrapbooking for 7 years so I am used to cutting and gluing...but I love gluebooks bc they are so different from scrapbooking! Yet I get to get my glue and paste jolies. After I've done a few gluebook pages I feel more ready to tackle scrapbooking. SO low stress.

Here are a few pages I made for the first swap -- these pages were all related to the partner I had.

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Looking forward to enjoying everyone's pages and getting some great ideas.
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First Post

Hello, I stumbled upon this community looking for communities about altered books and paper crafts. There was a lot of really neat stuff posted, so I joined!

I held a couple of altered book making parties, which was my first time doing anything like this. It was a lot of fun because I had guys join in as well. All the different styles were fun to look at and people really put a lot of themselves into the pages. So I wanted to show some pages from mine as well as my husband's (he won't mind):

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Thanks for looking!
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I've just gotten into visual journaling, and I found this community.
I don't have anything to post quite yet,
but I just wanted to introduce myself since it's a small group.
Don't have a scanner, but once my camera is charged up,
I might muster up some courage to post :)
If you haven't heard of jr__nal, check it out!
It's kind of similar & really inspiring.
Why Knot?

Hello & First Page


I started my first gluebook last night, and just found this community. I'm also bucking the trend by being the first member who is not on deaddoloreshaze's friends list and whose name doesn't begin with a C!

Anyway, on to the glueing:

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Thoughts, comments, critiques all appreciated!

A few of the people on my friendslist saw my page and are interested in making their own gluebooks, so I'll promote this community over on my journal, if that is OK!