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Hi all, I'm Megan. I'm new to gluebooks - started my first one a week ago, looking for something to make towards the end of Thing-a-day-08, and I've been doing a page a day since. I haven't taken photos since the first one, but I will - in the meantime, here's my first page!

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groovey. THATS the spirit!
Thank you:) I was beginning to wonder if there was anybody here...not a busy community, I take it!
Yeah its not in the least. I'm planning to dock out. This place is a waste of LJ space. Good to have seen yout stuff before I go though! ^_^
Ah well. I might post some pages anyway, for my own amusement if no-one else's! There's a gluebook comm on Flickr that gets traffic, but I prefer LJ:)

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Glad you liked it! I think fatal_charm68 was right, though, this place is dead. Can't say we didn't try, though - did you start a gluebook?

There are more pictures of mine here, although I haven't taken any photos of it for a while. Still gluing, just not taking photos!
Well done. This page is beautiful and exactly what a glue-book ought to be. So lively :-)
Hah, thanks. I had no idea what you were replying to at first, did you realise I made this post almost a year ago? This community is kind of dead. I might go post again anyway now that you've reminded me, I just updated my gluebook photos on flickr...