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First Post

Hello, I stumbled upon this community looking for communities about altered books and paper crafts. There was a lot of really neat stuff posted, so I joined!

I held a couple of altered book making parties, which was my first time doing anything like this. It was a lot of fun because I had guys join in as well. All the different styles were fun to look at and people really put a lot of themselves into the pages. So I wanted to show some pages from mine as well as my husband's (he won't mind):

Click for bigger:

Click for bigger:

Thanks for looking!
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Those are beautiful and awesome! I have yet to start on a book yet; creative block of sorts.
Thanks! I know how that is. I was flipping through a paper craft magazine yesterda at Border's just in awe with how people are able to come up with these ideas.
My mom is a big time craft person. She always has new (and weird) things to work on, and she member to about 500 different groups and pages that are craft related. hell she even takes trips for glass bead and embroidery conferances! I think one of my fave things she's shown up with were the tampon angels. That was the result of someone with WAY too much time on their hands! They caught on for awhile though and lots of people had them for sale at the Christmas craft shows last year. ;0D
Those angels sound really funny! :)
those are awesome!!!

i don't know where i put mine. i need to start working in it again.

Oh no! I hop you find it, I'd like to see it.
WOW, that's so beautiful!x
Thanks :D.
Great pages! Very creative and unusual. I'm going to make an altered book a month - and keep a diary in it - and then keep this up for a year. Wish me luck. And keep going with your's. They're great. - femminismo
Thank you! The diary idea is a really neat idea!