the anne witch (deaddoloreshaze) wrote in gluebooks,
the anne witch

welcome to livejournal's only gluebook community

earlier this week i learned a new art form. it's called a gluebook. it's like a journal, but instead of writing in it, you just glue random, everyday stuff on the pages. junk mail? a movie stub? fortune cookie fortune? price tag? grocery list? glue them in!

i love it because it's easy - unlike most of my art projects, it doesn't require much planning or strategy. i just glue stuff in it. it doesn't matter how bad it looks - it has an interesting quality, the pages i've done.

i learned about gluebooks from this page. that page has a lot of great craft stuff on it. do click on the gallery and the how-to articles for inspiration.

i don't have any pictures yet of mine but i'll post some this weekend. welcome aboard :)
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