the anne witch (deaddoloreshaze) wrote in gluebooks,
the anne witch

i really like the smell of glue. not that i sniff it or anything. but it smells nice.

for my gluebook i'm using a shimmery purple holograph lined notebook from the dollar store. i have the pink one and the blue one as well so i think i'm going to make a little series out of it.

no more pictures because my camera is so bad it's not worth it and it takes forever to get a decent picture anyway. once i get my new camera hooked up i'll take pictures.

so right now i'd just like to describe my newest pages, iff'n you don't mind. i'll even put it behind a cut so i can pretend i'm posting pictures.

page 4: movie stub from "v for vendetta" (awesome movie), my horoscope for last week, a price tag, a receipt from the dollar store, and empty sugar packet, the sticky thing that holds the plastic on smoke packs (sorry i can't descibe that any better! anyone who smokes will hopefully know what i mean), a comic strip of paul revere on a hourse, yelling "a wal-mart is coming! a wal-mart is coming!"

page 5: a purple scratch ticket (the crossword kind) which i lost, paper wrapper my chopsticks came in, a fact cut out of the paper about how the smallest bat, called a bumblebee bat, is so small it can sit on an eraser

page 6: ever have Twerpz? they're the best candy ever. it's like - tangy licorice with tangy stuff in it. now, i dont even like licorice, but this is different. and the wrapper is so pretty, all blue and red and orange. glued the wrapper on the page, which took up the whole page (i was at the movies and bought a big bag) with a casual day coupon left over from when i used to work (you give the coupon and you get to dress casually instead of businesslike) and a pretty piece of yellow paper with orange designs on it which i cut like a snowflake on top of it.

page 7: my first temporary bank card, part of a papers pack that says "smoking may kill you but so do guns", a christmas card with vandles that says "may peace and love ve yours in abundance: jude 1:2" and the outlines of two holographic blue stars.

page 8: two notes my sister gave me last summer, takes up most of the page. origami goldfish in the upper right hand corner. will add some more little things to the sides later.

page 9: membership card to a video store that doesn't exist anymore. will add more stuff later.

page 11: pop-up valentines day card of a castle. very nifty. takes up whole page.

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